Revive Lydia f2p in museum


So here is my suggestion a revive for f2p in the museum. I like lydia . Active skill revives dont cut it so dont try it. And if not for museum, season store. Heck maybe even both. Oh as for the difficulty i hardly think new to intermediate players will be able to do s9++ for event items. Ps ive wanted a lydia since i started playing over a year now. From the recent wheel all i got was 4 stars.


Ur smoking some good crack if u think lydia will ever be f2p…but 1 can only dream🙌


Dont do crack on any day. Pls manners stop acting like its 6 grade. Fine ill take gabrielle already or Erika. Def erika.


McKenzie works well with the right team as she has clear all penalties on AR but yer Lydia with recover stun +70def and bonus hp on a revive makes her the best revive for sure


I don’t think Lydia was available a year back. They haven’t given out Erika for free so I don’t see them ever giving Lydia. Erika on her own is not as overpowered as she used to be. Lydia still is to some extent…

So Erika is more possible than Lydia in my opinion


I don’t think F2P need get another revive, and if there was going to be another F2P revive, I doubt it would be Lydia.


F2P got Solange, what more do you want?


What we need is a 6* free to play human shield


Due to tech diff i couldnt get solange two months.? As for lydia it has been more than a while. Sure meckenzie good but shes not lydia. Lydias best. Erikas hot too. Two freaking months and i miss out. Season tokens enough said.


F2P have Eric too. It took me 8 tries but I ascended him from a 4 star. Honestly way easier than dishing out big $$$ for Lydia and I’d argue he’s better in many ways.


I’m sure Scopley will think “What a great idea! If this guy wants Lydia then he shall have her!”


Possibly for usd 199.


I want what you’re smoking lol


How many hours of gameplay for an eric.


Depend how long does it take you to upgrade a 4* to max and how many 4* fodder do you have. You would have max out a blue 4* though.
Another way is supply depot depending on how many points you have that’s where I got mine what I paid for him was 55,000 SD points but he can be discounted


You had a free solange event, Sandy in league store and a Eric event
You need to do 3-40 pulls for a revive character

Suck it up and slide that whale food over please :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Just hand out fast Ty better then green trash we got months ago.


Sure bcs p2w players can have 10 revives…


Best we could realistically expect is Dante or Erika , asking for a premium toon they still sell is pointless .


Players still asking for defensive toons. Smh. Worry about attacking.