Revive Hunter - Good or bad?


I just got this dude for 15 bucks when I pulled for Ajax, he any good or nah?


he is good


He is bae


Hes very good.


Revive = good


He is better than Ajax so congratulations .


Good, duh.


He’s good, I have 2 of him lol


Be sure to give him impair resist or he’s just a neutered punching bag.


All the revives are Great gratz awesome woooo :slight_smile:


flex or noob


Both probably


Add a def mod and a def set with a def weapon. That on top of his indomitable will make him a problem on defense. If you have a good def vs yellow mod that works nicely as well.


too bad there only one 30% def tough weapon


I made one… 30def, huge ap and impair when defending. I’m making one now that has 30 def and hp with impair in hopes I’ll get a blue shield one day… pipe dreams probably


Hmm, some very positive opinions here, makes me more happy I got him, I just wish he was more exclusive, really.


Strange but it is


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