Revive Gabriel Video

We have a new leadership skill for our Melee teams and Gabriel does not disappoint. With this Carl 2.0 we now have a 3 turn healer, reviver and a clean all penalties… Praise tha Gabe!


Great toon off the back of andreagate. No thanks


Stun when attacking, you say? Well, If you’re only using him on attack, sure, but since he’ll be targeted by (probably) all of an attacking enemies’ team will focus on him. Might as well provide an incentive to NOT destroy him right off the bat, let’s say AP down? Would work much better in my humble opinion. :wink:


That can work as well too.

I personally like putting AP Down weapon mods on green human shields. For Gabriel if he is left alone until ARs hit him stun would be better I feel. If I had to guess people raiding Gabriel teams (Top Tier’ish) will probably have a disarm and if they focus him first then neither will really benefit unless the disarm fails and they still focus him then I would agree with you 100%. So in the case he is left alone where other pain in the ass survivors can be dealt with he can get some stuns which alone can potentially win you a match depending on who gets stunned.

A database of replays would be pretty cool to check out to see how people deal with certain survivors.


That’s a great idea! As we know, won’t happen, but brilliant nonetheless

AP down sucks. Really only has a place on a sheild or command which is targeted immediately. Aside from that 1 toon, I’d always be more concerned with stun atk.

Neither will change whether he’s targeted or not as he’s tanky enough with mods to survive round 1 atks from reds.

Stun atk has always a larger concern. Nothings worse than having several on your team stunned when your trying to run a well coordinated offense.

Can we buff the normal weapons crit stats to those of the new promos already. I mean, it’s pretty annoying to see the already outmatched heal teammate on being attacked stat be further beaton down.