Revive characters

Anyone else having issues with yellow Rick not reviving? He dies and stays dead. Im also having the same issue with yellow Michonne.

You expect him to revive himself?

Let’s see how many ways I can answer a confusing question.
1 - characters can’t revive themselves
2- debuffs like -100% hp recovery or decapitation remove the ability to revive

Scopely is coming up with new specialist now.


It’d more likely be an ar . Cast Halo “auto revive on death” to a number of targets.

So their bringing the Eidolon Phoenix from Final Fantasy to auto revive our toon’s?

Oh shoot! great job hinting Screwpley for some ideas ! they might come up w/ a new AS & name it
Resurrection :frowning:

I had a whacky idea that they should have a specialist skill that turns the enemy into a walker once dead. Would be pretty cool visual and kinda function like confuse. Kill enemy toon, toon resurrects as walker, walker attacks own team until match over (would need to regulate the attack percentage/amount or maybe allow the walker to be targeted by their own team). Like I said…whacky idea.


I like that idea! I always wanted zombie toons like zombie Shiva, zombie Glenn, etc.

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That would be awesome!!
Give them a roadmap story,on what it’s like being a zombie, trying to stay alive, searching for brains, in this post-apocalyptic world over run by humans looking to put a bullet in their head at every turn…

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