Reviewing The October Login Stash


It pains me every time I log in to claim my October token & I see Elite & Ultra rare gear in this stash…In fact it hurts my liver every time I see this.

We do have roadmaps where we can obtain these items but we don’t have a roadmap to obtain Legendary gear.

Maybe replace these items in the near future with things such as

  • Tripods
  • Gauntlets
  • Practice Dummies
  • Whetstones
  • watches
  • Crank Radios
  • Sheaths
  • Bandoliers
  • Double Holsters
  • GPS
  • & Canteens




Oh quit whining. No one forces you to ascend Gator. Just take the medals and ascend someone good.


I agree I would rather get nothing than get this garbage! I’m not even going to redeem my tokens. Take that Scopley


Yea who the hack need gator???Only new players…


I never had the fortune to get Gator, but i’ll not be ascending him, i have Kenny as drop leader anyway.

Free gear and trainers? yeah i’ll take them
Free ascendance medals? yeah go on then

gear to level up newly ascended Gator(or whoever)?
[scopely] oh wait… no, no you cant have that


Anyway this login reward suck so fkn much.


If u hate it so much, dont claim it.


Yeah! Fuck those trainers!


Obviously you don’t know what the stash is for. If you did, you wouldn’t be looking stupid on here.


Nothing is good enough for the falafel


I agree with the first part 100% :laughing: but Gator is not terrible. Before Kenny, he was the best drop lead in the game and he’s still quite useful on the yellow only stages of SR. He’s got a great rush and for a free toon, it could be much worse…like Dev.


The legendary medals are good but not enough. I rather it be a solid 300 instead of 150.


Yeah, but you get more Legendary on completion of the stash, doesnt say how many but i would assume 150 to bring up to 300 total


Still better than that month we got Brady and Burt every 3 days


Too bad I was gone for only 6 goddamn days. But hey, I’ll get the 300 I need of I get the medals.


None of that would level my 5* gator tho


Gator is fine but its kinda shit 90% of the community gets a darn duplicate from a monthly event. I think these events should be either new okish toons or existing mid range toons that are a bit more rare.


The confidence of your stupidity, astounds me.



And yet you don’t understand what the stash is for. Try again.


it enought to ascend a gator or a rebel 5 star ascendable to tier 2 what not to get