Review team cost level progression

I would suggest to review the team cost increasing with levels progression I think it’s way too low. I’m level 25 and have never used coins to get characters, I’m not in a high level faction or getting unreasonable rewards. I assume the cost is there to stop people getting a full team of ascendables very early.

The game has changed. 4 stars arent the normal anymore and I suggest you review the team cost. At the moment my “progression” isnt building my roster, but grinding XP so I can use the characters I currently have. I’m not saying make it super open but I shouldnt have to put 3 stars with 5 stars in my team. I repeat, I have not spent a coin to get these characters, this is just natural progression. It is WAY too gated.


Don’t worry gear will soon slow you down :(.


It may be outdated but the rest of us had to progress slowly as well. We werent given toons for logging on or high amounts of 5* tokens. Nor did we have so many events. I understand your want to progress and use your toons but farming is part of the game. My level 30 account has progressed quite easy compared to my 1st one. Im miles beyond what i was at level 30 back then. Upgrading the town is the slowest progression that keeps me limited on doing certain things or crafting items, making weapons useable. Its part of the game.

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And that’s how it should be, instead of an arbitrary number that worked 3 years ago still applying. I have no problem with gear slowing progress. But the thing is I have progressed these characters and then being told I cant use then is super frustrating. I would rather gear be harder to obtain rather than have characters sitting useless on the sideline.

And I disagree Jlang. I havent recieved any ascendables for “logging on” if you are talking about collection events like Michelle or other Museum characters - I cant beat the S8 roadmaps for the pieces needed to complete the collections so the only ascendable I have is the mission reward for hitting a level (which everyone gets).

In my time of playing I have not been able to get 10k tokens for a 5 wheel pull either. I think you are overestimating rewards for low level players. I am not hitting top 100 rewards in any event. At the moment I have no raid points because my S3 team cannot beat any max level team. I have lost 18 raids in a row since the event started. Perhaps if I wasnt equipping 3 stars by force (I have 5 5 stars but cannot have them in the same team) I could win a raid.

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