Review for the past week


I think it’s important to share with Scopely what events and prizes we like, not just the ones we don’t like.
I personally am happy with some of the events and prizes we have seen in the past week.

Letters to the Dead:
I like this event. Sure, its a huge grind fest but the food and trainer bags are welcomed. I managed to T4 a toon this week and i used the food and trainers from the event to max that toon and get me well over 1million level up points in the process. I have been lucky enough to receive 1 Epic and 1 Legendary crate also. If you participated in the last war, you’ll easily have enough world cans to finish the road maps everyday.
The RNG side of things will suck for some people so i can see why they will be unhappy with this event.

Solo Raid:
I have mixed opinions on this event. The rank rewards sucked. Those trainer boxes are weighted to give you the lowest prize so it wasn’t worth fighting for the top prizes. The milestone prizes were very good. Food, Basils and Bennys are decent prizes, we always need Bennys, but the huge plus here was the reduced milestone target. 2,100 is much more achievable than the 4,200 we have seen recently.

Faction Level Up:
This is one of the best level ups we’ve seen in recent months. We are all desperate for Legendary tokens so those will be well received. An Aden, Lilith and Benny for the milestones are very good also. The top milestone should be easy to hit if you are farming the Letters to the Dead road maps. I’ve hit 1,250,000 without a 100k, my 100k is MIA.

Ascendable Glenn:
I’m glad this toon has finally been released. He isn’t as useful as he would have been 2-3 months ago but he is good regardless, especially if you don’t have Siddiq.

I’d like to see more raid tournaments like the one mentioned above.
The level ups will no doubt go back to the template next week but a level up with medals every 2 weeks or so would be nice.

If ascendable Govenor is released this month and this weekends war is a success, January will be regarded as a huge success IMO.


Definitely agree with most points and the negativity of the forum seems to have gone down as well which is always a good thing.

Wouldnt necessarily regard it as a ‘huge’ success but a definite improvement over previous events


Letters - like them, cost of the energy is a bit high but, like i said in some other posts, it can be farmed on free energy and you will still get to do a few pulls. certainly a nice addition

solo raid - i dont have the time to raid so i passed on it, the prize structure was much better now though and if i had the time i would hit the final milestone. cant complain about it

faction level up - we are all starved for medals so the three top factions in my region are going head to head - less than 70k difference between first and second team. good tourney. we finally got thrown a bone with those medals. no idea though how the lower factions can stay competetive if they get a tiny amount of medals

Glenn - i was an idiot and used him as fodder before, if i had him id be happy, i dont but im not complaining, finally may bring some change for the f2p melee users

Governor - thats what im waiting for


Would it be fair to say the forum negativity has dropped off because people are so sick and tired of being shafted by this game that they’ve finally just given up and left?


I don’t spend, so I don’t know if this is subjectively better. The prices for offers seem more reasonable now.


Mostly + bans. So yeah, hot balloon deflates, remaining are satisfied (congrats for low expectations), scopely grows selfesteem for doing something good (but not really) = progress.


You can make that assumption but alas just an assumption as we lack data to verify.


I just want 5* tokens lol and trainers


The letters event is HOT GARBAGE unless you pull an Epic and Legendary crate.

Pour one out for the homies that did not get those crates.

Ask them how motivated they are for war?

Basil is not a good prize for raid or level up. Food bags are shit prizes as well.

A bunch of 100K food backs is absolutely worthless to the meta. That was decent 2 years ago, not now. Millions of food are needed PER CHARACTER. 100K is absolutely nothing.


The sad fact is someone actually said they welcomed that paltry 100K food bag as an event reward LMFAO

That’s the mindset of being beat down, abused and having Player First words but $$ First design.

I guess it works because some think the food bags are “good”


Why is the letters to the dead event only contain crates and bags of trainers , food, and elite tokens? Where is some bloody five stars characters that could had easily been apart of this? Pretty sure people would burn cans for that.


I wouldn’t.

I ain’t got time for useless 5*'s when I waiting on the list to finish of the old projected 5*'s turning into 6*'s. I would like to of seen ascendance medals in the mix instead of burt turd boxes. But what would an event be without loading it full of hot diarrhea boxes full of sh*t that you dont want or even need.

Am I right @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


Fodder, useful characters for survival road or faction assault, level up points. But most importantly NEW Regions.


Events with booby prizes like “150k food” should be reworked so that there are only good prizes. Adjust the drop rate by requiring more to get each pull if you must but stop events where the reward is all a gamble.


For me little events like this are nice. They are not expected like let’s say holiday event or anniversary. So imo even if u don’t complete the maps and jut use free energy and pull when u have enough to make a pull that’s free stuff. It’s not like the dewhite event where u need parts so it’s not required. I got more from free energy in this event then in the thanksgiving one and holiday one put together. Both were limited unless u spent. This isn’t farmable it’s 3 pulls a day basically if u so choose. People complaining about 40 Burts or only this or that imo really are just complaining to complain. I for one am always first to say when I think scopley really screwed us…aka the daily gear map the @kalishane has still after 11 days not responded to, is something to complain about. This is just freebies for level ups and possibly getting 8 benidicts. Which I’ve seen a lot of people get unlike the horrid holiday event. Some people have decided not to do it and that’s fine. I myself have used 1 can this whole time still did all the maps and other farming.


Let’s be honest @jlag, this event was to make up for the 12 days of shytmas event, where 99.9999℅ if not 100% pulled a knife Sheath or gauntlet…


Ummm, you’re clearly still here.


If it is good for them realizing it was a cap event. If it’s not it’s still an event of items that can help with leveling events and ascending toons. I’d say I’ve seen a good number receive the 8 benidicts opposed to prior where I did not see 1 person get any. Either way it’s not something we need to obtain a character or weapon so I see it as use whatever energy u want and do your pulls or don’t do it. Big downfall I see is its another excuse why we still have yet to see a regular gear map instead beings the road map is full. And that the energy level for return could be lower. As always some will walk away happy with rng others wont. But for me 40 Burts is still an OK thing for farming free energy or getting some lilths or a dens. All things we need and asked for othe ways to get besides 2mill milestones.


Agreed… But not nearly all… If anything there is one item checked off the list for the very “lucky”, that pull the Benedicts. But where are our gold ascention tokens?