Review Event Reward Tiers

We all know prizes recently have been genuinely underwhelming and disappointing so I won’t go into that here, for the sake of brevity.

It’s time to review Event Reward Tiers.

Level Ups in particular. With more of us hitting really high milestones, it’s frustrating to score one million more points than someone and get the same reward. Milestone rewards are not enough to balance that frustration. Especially when milestones over the holiday period could have been golden nuggets, to justify their existence a little and give more back to the player community.

If I come in 12th with nearly 2 million points, for example, and the guy coming in at 100th gets the same reward with a couple of hundred thousand, the drive to really work on the event is lost. It’s just pointless making any effort if you can do very little and get as much as someone really pushing it.

The tier structure should be reviewed and look at rewarding more to the 11-20 ranked players, 21-50, then 51-100. Beyond that, the current 100+ scores are generally much more balanced.

I’d be interested to hear what players of all levels think about this suggestion.

Yeah… been thinking for awhile i’d drop a few extra hundred thousand points for top 50 rewards, my regions so dead that getting top 100 is cake… inspire us to use more resources scopeliee

Ooh thats good… scopeLIE… about how this christmas event was gonna be good…