Review energy cans for rank reward in war?


Currently MVP in war gets WAR can, second prize is Raid can and 3rd prize is World Energy Can. Why dont scopley @kalishane make it any random out of 3 cans… coz its hard for MVP to get raid or world cans… If its like any one of the can out of three that will be a great addition/improvement in the game. And lately War can drops are drastically lowered… Pls work on it…


Boy it will be a start if they do go back to the way that it was at least.
Then from there I wouldn’t mind seeing random. But right now without them even in the rewards which I’ve already heard they’re going to be back which I hope they will be. I got my fingers crossed


Later in game you’ll have more world cans that you can use, if you use them for important stuff, like gear maps and things like that. Assault cans are important, maybe the probability could be rebalanced like war cans when you attack an enemy in exploration period so they come out more often.


No no no monu sorry mate this is a bad idea…war cans should always go to mvp


Nope. Mvp gets the war can. I hold back hits of someone else wants it so I can snag other cans. When big fights show. Up boy am I glad to have those. Mvp cans. As are my faction mates


I just seriously am hoping they bring back world cans for 3rd.

Making it random is contradicting to the fact that most of us hate how random the odds for specific things already are. Terrible idea.


okay buddy


@Bossbitch Kali said they will back this coming war


MVP deserves the war can. They use the most cans in a war so they deserve to be compensated.
If they want a raid or world refill, its not hard for them to drop down to 2nd or 3rd place.


Awesome !!


They could give to the first and second place, can of war. For the third and fourth can of assault. And for the rest of the world. This will stimulate the people to play even more, since it will be region war.


I don’t really care about the other placements but mvp should always get a war can.


If you don’t want war cans, simply don’t score as high. But most mvps are spending several war cans each war and deserve a war can back. Also, war cans are only available in drops which are hit or miss, mvp, 1 scav and buying them. You can get raid and world cans from supply depot, scavs, daily reward if you have monthly pass, gear maps (world) and for purchase as well.


In an ideal placement in 8v8 war, 1st would get war can, 2nd another can, 3rd another can, and 4th another can. Heck 5 through 8 could get like 50 5star tokens or something instead of smelling salts which no one needs


What’s an assault can?


raid can


That’s confusing when faction assault is its own event


Would love if they threw SR cans in there as well


It is the literal translation that the game uses in spanish, raid doesn’t even qualify as a valid translation.