Revenue for RTS this Year is BAD

According to thinkgaming a site that tracks app revenues, Road to Survival is struggling to survive and earn money for Scopely.

Two years ago, Scopely was generating a rolling 30-day daily revenue of about $80k on average.

Last year, intro of 6-stars the game fell almost in half to just about $40k and kept decreasing month after month.

This year 2019, their daily average is down to just $6k. You read that right, six thousand.


Where is proof? Sources?


Bullshit. There are people who spend $6k to pull one toon.


Scopely’s Solution: WAR OF CHAMPIONS!

Get all the whales together and lock them all in a room for 2 and a half days!

:money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:



You would think then the way they think would change “well we arnt making as much so lets fix things like bugs, not lock lilths and gear, territory crashing, etc” but nope everything is the same, same gap between f2p and p2w, same bugs, same gear lock, etc. Baffles my mind why someone would continue on if it isnt working “oh this fire is hot if i touch it! Im gonna touch it again… Ouch its hot! Im gonna touch it again”

Now for daily spending i get it but when they come out with alice or diego like toons trust me that 6k spikes a hella lot. Thats where they make money and this war of coiner… I mean champions will be a nice money maker


You also have to take into account the age of the game. Im sure the average is alot higher. Premieres and war where they make big money. The daily offers and such are just extra. Plus im sure most their employees work on more than 1 game they have making them fall under a bigger umbrella of revenue when paying out. The fact that what they sell cost them absolutely nothing is huge part of profit. That’s why ill never understand why they don’t treat paying customers better and try and get mild spenders or non spenders to spend more often or at all by offering updated game content and keeping competition more even.
Talked to a friend who was over a thousand day login streak say he missed a day and now its seems even less important to bother daily. Was a spender and in a top faction and just didnt see the point anymore. If you can’t pull one of these op attack toons u get left behind. Even putting up 200k is low end.


Yes 6k daily until the 31st when all that Survivor’s Club cash rolls in. Just need to look at top teams and top scores every tourney to know 6k a day is just the tip of the iceberg

And how do they get their data? The site just says they “use data from public companies and anonymized submissions”. I’m not sure you can get a number like daily revenue from Scopely themselves or any ‘anonymous’ submissions.


They are claiming $400m in run rate revenue across all their games as of Feb. That’s $33m/month.

10% of that is $3.3… or 132k members… (Likely high)

My guess is closer to 10k SC members. or $250k… Which is about $10k/day from SC alone.

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Thats only the iPhone income in America alone lol. To get the full stats you need a membership

Maybe they should keep making more op characters and less balance and add more broken features and not ban all the cheaters and keep the odds horrible and not refresh the wheels.

Michelle was free but how fast will she be obsolete?

Just got Michelle but got no gear Lilliths, uselesses to get her past 1/8 and 1/10. Dust collector imminent but worth it… I guess.

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But that is because you pissed away your resources.

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The “sales” you are quoting are just from iphones, which only have a market share of about 15%.

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Even if the game is old, even if the longer term players have reached the end of their “lifecycle” in the game and even if they have more lucrative projects to put their money and effort towards…

…why not spend the bare minimum time and money making changes that your players actually want? And make more money. A lot more money.

It would have cost a LOT LESS time, money and effort to just implement requested changes, than roll out new features that nobody wants.

Am I missing something?

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No gear = no pulls = no cash :man_shrugging:t3:


I think part of the reason the game is struggling is because the show severely struggled the last several years, although this season is much better. I think that has slowed the amount of new players coming in. I use to see this game advertised during the show. Not anymore

That and the insanely ridiculous gear lock


Their data probably predicts that wouldn’t make them more money.

You expect companies to act rationally towards achieving their goals of maximizing revenue.

If they are acting in ways we perceive to be irrational either the decision makers are not receiving feedback, are ignoring feedback, or are not correctly interpreting feedback. Another possibility is that those not providing feedback are behaving differently than those providing feedback. A final possibility is that despite our feedback we wouldn’t really spend more if the changes were made.

I don’t know where the truth lies but I wish they would make changes to help retain players.


Lol that’s BS. I’ve seen people spend $1,500 on a single toon.

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