Revenge shield symbol

Could you put a shield symbol to show when a player is is shielded from raids along with the revenge button views. It would save going in to each players screen to see if they are shielded.


My tests on revenging from multiple accounts indicate that the act of pressing the revenge button gives a several minute long shield to unshielded players, even if they choose not to raid and back out of the attack screen. This is to make it so that multiple players can’t simultaneously attack an unshielded player. They’d need to make a totally different process for checking to see if a player is shielded. That process would have to not give a shield, but somehow also not lead to simultaneous attacks.

I don’t think that’s possible. Not unless the process was updated every few milliseconds or so, which would probably strain the servers.

I could be wrong though. I do know that they tried something in the past that led to revenge raids apparently going right through shields. Might have been an attempt to change the process.

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  1. If logged in, you are shielded (there is a delay here).

  2. Gives the shield until they are no longer in the 5 minute to to follow through window all raid searches have or that player has otherwise re-rolled to find a new opponent. I am making a assumption that the hold flag is dropped automatically upon rolling.

  3. If you have less than x% food and wood you can not be found by raid searches, only through revenge. Commonly known as ghosting.

As you state this is to prevent multiple simultaneously attacks.

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