Revamped Battle Chest *Poll*


Do we want this…

Instead of the old…

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War crates discussion

I removed basic tokens and lower sp in favor of ascendance medals, prestige recruit tokens and elite item tokens. There’s nothing more I hate then pulling basic tokens from battle chests. I get way too much anyways from just battling.


I really like the Idea. But I would replace the Burt with a Brady and give 10k Silver Medals


@Vetramont you trolling buddy? Or a big fan of basics :rofl:


It’s better than the current one definitely. Sometimes when people vote to keep stuff as is idk if they are trolling, they love misery, or they really think the game is perfect right now. Gives scopely an excuse to say not everyone wants the change and not make it though and then we end up with dumb changes nobody wants.


He always votes negative on my polls. Think it’s personal, don’t care though


Correct I didn’t find any icons on hand for prestige recruit tokens and had to use next best thing.


Okay cool I’ll get right on it and redo it


Yeah… That’s why I liked about blitz war. I got 7k gold tokens from the two. Easy milestones. Totally motivated. In big war though… Eh


Long response… Fair point, I get that the poll is a bit misleading - he’s trying to say the existing is bad by offering one possibility out of an infinite number of alternative combinations.

I assume he actually mean to show 40 prestige tokens, not 40 prestige - at least that’s what I thought he meant. I totally agree they shouldn’t hand out actual prestige.

Your justification on basics is kind of weak, we all know basics aren’t worth the effort to tap 1000s of times. And yes, whilst levelling with 1 stars is possible, have you ever actually maxed a five star with one stars? I did it in Beta before Scopely showed any generosity because 1 stars were free and it was a massive pain in the arse.

I can’t see Elite tokens being upgrade to include legendary gear any time soon. And they’re handed out so frequently every other element of this game, you’re hardly devaluing them by including them in a war box.


If you read I specifically said I couldn’t find a high quality pic of prestige recruit tokens so I chose prestige tokens.

The idea behind the crate was aimed at the current revamp they did of all the wheels, ascension list and world map character drops. It shouldn’t be much effort to update the war crate.

As I said it’s no fun gaining basic tokens from war crates and it seems it had the highest drop rate opposed to other rewards in the chest. Ascension medals are always welcome to me. I found myself in a position where I’m in need of silver medals and I had to buy the crate from Sr Depot. So getting a few in the crates from war would be nice. I could have put anything in there from gold tokens to world cans even.

Basic tokens are dreadful to me personally and a lot of people feel the same way, unfortunately they’re not as motivated as vetramond to write an essay on why.


Basic tokens are useless in the grand scheme. Leveling ARs is a crapshoot, like everything else in this game and the 300-500 XP a 1* offers in level up gets expensive as a card tiers up. I have dumped 10 trait specific 1* cards into a character numerous times and the AR doesn’t budge. I have found more success with the 2* cards cooked in training grounds dumped in 10 at a time. My point is you get basic tokens for losing a war. And, you get tokens in crates winning. I just think basics should not be prizes for winning. It’s insulting and doesn’t help 98% of the game population…


Thank you. Someone who thinks as I do. 1* and 2* characters clogs up my roster. I have no use for them. I don’t use epic characters anymore so using 1* and 2* toons to level their AR is a no. Even worse is 1* weapons.

When I want to use salvage tokens and it shows my weapon inventory is full and I need to sell stupid tree branches and prison Shanks. So annoying. And like you said basic tokens are given when you attack and even when you lose in war. One simple match often gives me more than 30 tokens.

I’m gonna be quite honest here and say the YGL mission is all I need for level ups. I made peace with not getting anything above 750k milestone.

The thing here is these tokens are nothing more than a nuisance. I tend to have mild OCD also when the little notification light shows I can make a pull I just have to. And pulling screw drivers and Olivia aren’t fun at all.

P. S. And to anyone who says these tokens are essential to new players and older ones have to put up with it, I say no. New players get 4 rare characters just from completing tutorials and first world map. Stevens, Carl, Rick and Sandy I believe. There’s numerous ways to accumulate other rare-ultra rare characters for them. I’m not saying do away with them completely I’m saying think of your older players and what they need and don’t just cater to noobs. Most of them don’t even bother sticking around long. Heck most of them don’t even war.


I just did the exercise of opening 150 basic tokens (I still have over a hundred left) and just weapons (haven’t looked at characters, but I imagine the outcome is similar) I earned two three star weapons and 8 tree branches, of the 86 total weapons to break down. And because none of the weapons upgrades i actually try for need blue tape, those tree branches represent nothing of value. The entire undertaking is simply a waste of time. Players don’t want to do clean up when on game, they want to play and see real reward of effort. Not asking for the world, just something better than useless basics, please.


Remove another supply point spot and replace it with 150-250 4* weapon tokens and that box would be perfect imo.


It is quite hard acquiring 4* weapon tokens isn’t it. If it wasn’t for the log in rewards I think I’d have one pull maybe a month


Exactly, gives a chance for the big and little players at getting some new toys to play with, toons are important, but don’t mean squat without a bad ass weapon. It would be a great way to get people more pulls for that wheel.


:crystal_ball: My reply is no


I think he was trolling you and told you what you wanted to hear. Were you lying @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it