Revamp of the old territories event

We know we all hated the old territory events, but it was due to a lack of proper design. 47 hours of work could go to waste in just the last hour of the event. This problem was caused by bad design, you only actually made the points if you held the territories at the end of the event.

So for a pretty big design, the territories currently don’t give enough benefit to players. I mean, yes, the bonus is fine from the crafting area’s, but no one stacks these area’s because you only need them for 1 hour (which is absolutely great). The other area’s, and especially the 5* ones, give shit. No one is waiting for 5* tokens anymore. We are being drowned by those in all other events and there’s nothing good to get from those tokens anymore. I see it, people lose interest in the territories other than the occasional time that people want the crafting areas. Yes all the area’s are taken 98% of the time, but no one fights for them really.

So lets easily give territories more purpose again:

48 hour territories, but we change something:

The area’s no longer give a bonus at the end of the event, but during all of the event. Points are awarded for the minutes you hold the territory and for capturing a territory. The first hour doesnt add to the points, you only get the capture points, which is half of the points u can make by holding it for 1 hour. After the first hour, you are awarded for every minute you hold the territory.

Territories cannot be abandoned. Once you place a defense team you are stuck in there until the team is killed, and there’s a limit of defense teams you can stack into different territories per 4 hours. In the territories the faction already holds, however, is no limit to ‘refreshing your teams’.

If you attack a territory, your damage only counts if you add a team or your faction holds at least 20% of the teams in the territory.

Like this people are obliged to hold territories instead of just jumping arround and score the capture bonus. It also prevents factions to help each other.

Or, just repeat the last Territories event. That was dope. Lilith’s and Aden’s as far as the eye could see…


You would be surprised what territories people care about and actually willing to coin over.

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Factory and NTD are always a battle in WARE. But those are the only two territories anyone goes for. And they only go for them during lvl up. Strip mall and surefire are great but like he said, it’s only for an hour. Bro g back the territory events and give out necklaces or clover tokens along with the Aden’s and lillith. I’m wishful thinking I know but still an idea which needs to be discussed.

Don’t the give em the idea of making the bonus working only if you hold the territory for the whole time of crafting :joy:

Just bring back 6* territories

Yes, could really use that again, was a fun change and rewards were actually worth some effort

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