Returning player, this is what changed for the worse

I used to play 2 years and something ago and stopped around the time violet came out. I had a S4 team which was pretty good back then. I’ve now returned and started fresh. I got a legendary s class character in the first day of playing which made my team almost as strong as the one it took me a a year to make before. I also found out that if you picked angel as your legendary you just get crushed by anyone with christa or james, regardless of you other characters. I think s class characters were a huge mistake because they made every other character irrelevant. Yeah, you got maxed characters but james can just destroy them all in 1 attack so what’s the point? Faction assault says i need to have a S4+ team to do tier 6, but i had a S4++ team by the end of my 3rd day of playing. The only way i see of fixing the massive problem that are s class characters is to either nerf them or remove them. You can’t use characters you like, you can only use those who have the biggest number and that is not a good thing.


What’s the point of 6*? They crushed my awesome 5* team


I started a few months after 6* came out (right at the tail end of the Dwight event, unfortunately too late to get him or even understand what I needed to do). Getting my first 6* took several months (think it was 5 or so until I had enough medals and fodder). Back then I didn’t really have a great roster nor great weapons, but I could beat teams with several 6* toons relatively consistently and it was an interesting battle; even after I got my first two 6*, my main attack team had one 6*, three 5* and a 4* (!).

I don’t have any Stoons, only regular old 6* and I can still figure out a way to beat many full Stoon teams, so that bit hasn’t changed too much. But now I need a very wide roster, good weapons and mods to even have the slightest chance of doing so. Luckily, I have that; if you don’t, you’re screwed.

James can sometimes kill three toons on a single swing, on his first turn. Christa maybe two. Compare that with Carl, who needed to rush to do that, which gave you lots of time to control him or buff yourself (SR Zeke was widely available for this)/debuff him so you could survive this. And that Carl or Shiva took a lot of effort to get; people got that James or Christa on their second day (maybe even their first) just for pressing a button twice.

6* and how they worked were a natural evolution of the game progression - you start with mostly 2* and a 3* or 4* here or there, figure them out, move slowly toward more and different 3*/4*, then you get your first 5*, and after a long time of this you’ll have a chance to get your first 6*. Stoons broke that completely. Not only do they have much higher stats, they also have often much better abilities immediately. None of your other toons matter in the least, because none of them will survive until they can do anything, The whole early game is completely screwed, and as OP pointed out, if you started recently, thought Angel looked cool, and took her, you might as well quit playing, because it might take you months before you’ll be able to win a battle. Complete new player trap.

The whole thing was catastrophically badly thought out, and may have doomed the game. OP is right, only they can’t really change it anymore at this point,

Prob right if you look at the scores in Endurance old school dem numbers lol.
This game should have classic edition like world of warcraft.

Because you can’t beat players who have been putting in work for years in 2 days.

Btw I think S class is best thing to happened. Made toons grindable. Good ones too.


I agree with @Gamechamp in the fact that it has made top toons grindable. Before it was highly unlikely that you would get a toon you were aiming for unless it was an event or league toon, whereas now you can plan around what toon you want long term. The 6 star versions of some toons are also excellent and much more easily obtainable than the S class versions.
However the lack of gear and trainers is a huge issue in being able to max these toons, and this needs seriously addressing.

Just means you’ll face them more often though. When it was the Lydia meta, you’d see her plenty, but by far not as often as you see Pete and Priya today. You get the everything-feels-the-same experience of the Carl meta, only with stupid powerful toons, not sure that is an improvement.

And TBH, I’m not sure the 6* really help that much; what you invest in them will be wasted if you get the Stoon. Priya is probably still worth it, Wangfa if you don’t plan on getting the Stoon, and maybe Princess, all the other ones seem barely worth it. I put some Liliths in Laopo because they were relatively plentiful then, complete waste. [ETA] And even then getting one of the 6* takes 7 levelup top 10s…

I think the S Class thing was always going to happen, but I think they would have been better off giving us more Duel Specialist 6 Stars, then doing the Armory update, let that simmer for a while, then do the S Class thing.

The S Class release feels rushed to me, and reading between the lines I did see something somewhere from JB that almost said as much, ( it was to do with Zac and Doc Stevens (?) being to dominant at the top of the meta, so they pumped out the S class).

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