Return sweaters!

return the sweaters. I saved them for a long time and I did not have enough 2000 sweaters for tokens. it’s mean. lost all interest in the game. why didn’t you warn? Christmas Surprise ???

Have you got the receipt. Many stores will refund clothing purchases until the end of January if you have a valid receipt.

As for the in game sweaters, the communication always said 6th January. Today is the 7th. What did you expect?


I don’t care what they wrote. the museum works. This means that sweaters should be. and raid guidelines have changed. they hurt us and we tolerate it.

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The museum collections almost always last 24 hours longer than the items are available for


They released a cheap offer for some sweaters.

i say this all the time, i dont know how people are surprised anymore

but to get 20,000 must mean hes in a very low active faction … i don’t think its scopely’s fault but possibly time for this player to move to a better faction.

“Almost always”??? Well that’s certainly reliable

I am pretty sure it has always been 24 hours since they f*cked up an early collection event because the collection ended only a few hours after the rewards were distributed, meant that (quite literally) if you snoozed you lost (losed?).

At the end of the day, the sweaters are still being received by factions who started the event before the sweaters were removed from rewards.

Fuck me, I’m 2k short from a pull, 8 hours left

What was the point of warring and taking third and 11 place, I never learn :joy_cat:

I needed two k but my faction mates needed 8 and we went for negan 6 and they took sweaters out of prizes while we were fighting negan. We thought we will get sweaters because we started the assault while they were in the rewards.

Yeah I think it was the Wyatt museum collection where they ended it right after the last event and people who were asleep missed out so they opened it up for another 24 hours or something. Pretty much since then every museum collection like this has had an extra 24 hour to claim after the event stops.

Have you finished the assault yet?

Yup, we finished it

Bought an offer for sweaters, but it felt right tbh

That’s interesting because several people are saying they started their assault before 7pm eastern yesterday and still got the sweaters even though they disappeared from the rewards. I’m in the same boat, started 3 hours before then so I will find out soon if we got shafted or not.

Good luck buddy, I hope you’ll get em

Me too. I’m 4k short and they only let you buy one of those 2.4k offers…

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Same here buddy , I’m 5k short and there’s no offer left to buy for me at least not atm

They always give extra time to collect…lol have to have time to finish final assaults and collect prizes.