Return of old ultra gear map

When will we see this map again? Makes the constant lvl up tournys a drag for people that are ready to tier and lvl toons but cant because of gear shortages.

Never. It’s gone


There was not an old ultra gear map only the one that exists now



I checked my inventory from before (december) and after (today) the ultra gear map change:


All are up except goggles. This could be due to more Hunters - I am not keeping track of which 5* I upgrade as many are done just for points in the lvl up tourneys. The increase is despite the constant solo and faction level up events this year.

Suggestions for improvement:
1, Unlock the 3 Acts so senior players can skip the first 2.
2. Make them farmable so we can resupply as needed. I would accept an Energy cost increase to make this so.
3. Add act 4 for the 6* gear. (I know this is a bit optimistic :slight_smile:

This would make the the new roadmap much better than the old ultra gear that was random and sometimes forgotten for a month.

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Agree! It‘s time to bring the farmable map back.

I would be happy if walkies n bags wernt farmable but the other gear was

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Similar to you. Over 100 in scopes and brief cases. Been selling them. I have been participating in level ups too. 2 million last one.

I do agree let us skip act 1 and 2. I am fortunate that I can farm with natural energy, but not everyone can.

I would love to see the old gear map making a return.

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