Return of login rewards

@JB.Scopely are we going to see a return of the login rewards? Those were a very positive change made to the game last year and I’d bet most if not all would like to see them continue.


Thanks, much appreciated

Well they already failed on the filler event.


just because it wasnt meant to, doesnt mean it wont continue to… theyre gonna drop monthly log in except for sc. or make it junk log in rewards. 2 grenades and a bloody shirt.

How about log in past 7 days for prestige instead I’m past 900 day streak and still getting the same as some1 that’s is at 7 days straight person will get or even something for every 100 days I log in would be nice


Maybe they can give rewards for account age like if your account is over 2 years old you get a bundle of various trainers and mods

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