Retro/Flashback War or Onslaught



Just an idea a friend of mine had and I thought it was too good…

What about doing a Flashback or start of the apocalypse War or Onslaught event? Like the Flashback Roadmaps where you could only use 5 star or lower characters, how about an event where Legendary characters (and maybe legendary weapons) aren’t allowed…

It would be a great way to level the playing field for a single event for every player and region… Give some new players a chance to score highly and shake up the competition. Think about it, please!


It’s a novel idea but a lot of players don’t have enough five star or lower characters to field a team. I have no threes or fours at all and, beside the characters I’ve yet to ascend, the only fives I have are specialists like Rocket Abe and SR Doc. I’m sure many long time players are in the same boat. I only keep fives around to ascend legends, I couldn’t participate in such a retro event.

If we’re looking for more even war matches, I’d suggest league wars where you battle factions at roughly the same strength and activity level. It would be better than the onslaught.


This idea again :roll_eyes:, it seems to get posted every other day. No thank you.


I have almost 85 maxed out 5* but the way i see it is lets not go backwards you do that next is lets have 4* of something no reason to open the flood gates


5 stars are in the past get over it! nobody wants to only use or even keep 5 stars anymore


New players would get destroyed even faster if only 5*s are allowed in war. Prepare for turn1 offense teams and even further improved windowless/trait defences. It’s not like veterans got rid of all their toons.


And again you only speaking about yourself.


Eh, not really. I’m also 99% against 5* wars. If they want to run one as a gimmick for 24 hours on April 1st, I’d be ok with it.


I use all my 5 stars for ascendance, why do you want to bring back obsolete characters?


it would force players to mod swap. sort of unfair maybe


Aww all these players crying because they wouldn’t be able to use their beloved bought for rosters/ weapons…


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