Retrieving unlinked account

Hello everyone. Im having some issues with a account. So i was given a account facebook info and all, and i wanted to have the new account on my phone, and my old one switched to bluestacks. Well, in the middle of linking and unlinking accounts through these devices, i somehow conpletely unlinked my new account from ANY facebook and now i dont have any access to the account. Anyone have any suggestions? Having a really hard time with this and i really just want my stuff back.

Tell support with account code and details. But did you buy the account from someone? Sounds fishy…

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Im going to be completely honest and say yes i did. But through a very trustworthy person. It wasnt really a sketchy person. He just didnt want to play anymore and would rather have sold his account than let it rot so i took it off of him. Thing is im sure he doesnt remember his account code because hell i dont even remember mine lol. And other than that im trying to get him to send me a receipt but he claims he doesnt have one so idk. Maybe a lost cause

It will very likely be a lost cause. I don’t think Scopely will be thrilled to help out on giving out an account to another person.

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Id take this down asap lol they dont allow that so you gonna get banned lol

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Is it your birthday @Jlag? If so, happy cake day.

Yes it is and thanks. Got a special cake my name woo-hoo feeling special

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With no receipt for any purchases, support won’t transfer any account. On top of that, you’ve publicly admitted on their own forums that you broke the Terms of Services for the game, making it much less likely that you’ll get any help.


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