Retreating in war


My understanding is that if your enemy retreats but ends up with more points when the timer runs out, you still win.

But do they get the win if they start retreating but then manage to destroy all your camps?


I ask because it very nearly just happened to us and it wasn’t clear if it was worth someone coining or not.


Ask Total War from Butler Region. They were the Kings of retreating in CRW lmao


Our regions top faction used to press retreat then demolish us in two waves when bug with never ending war appeared, just for them to not wait for long after one of us is up to kill again and end war for both factions. But when factions started to grow strong they start biatching about it cuz everyone was just retreating from them lol In the end they got in a fight with each other and their faction ended up splitting in three different factions.


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Retreat = loss even if u have more points

If u are cleared but have more points you still win

If u start retreat and clear them and have more points before timer counts down you get a win.


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