Retirement Legacy Stories- Share yours?

Hey everyone,

This is most likely one of many retirement posts coming from the player base. But hopefully, everyone’s story gets a chance to be heard and read on the forums. It’s not like that this company cares at all. The only reason why many players and I played this game was for the wonderful players and teammates I have gotten to know over the year back in 2017 which is 1044 days ago, oh how the time has flew by.

I have had the opportunity and the privilege to play alongside mild spenders and whales and grind for the rewards typically in 1st or 2nd place for faction rewards. While I had to grind for a lot of the milestones and etc having those teammates carry the weight at times. It was sure good times warring with teammates to the crazy hours late at night or helping fill spots when our overnight players haven’t logged on yet.

I remember the times when 5* teams were still relevant and crazy good but still beatable with good 4*. With the first wave of power creep of 6*, it was still possible to use 5* to raid and war i.e Priya, Kate, SR Zeke, Konrad. Then there was the push of T1 toons i.e Doc and Raven, Cole… which further pushed out any relevance of 5* from the game. Then the creation of 5* weapons which leveled the playing ground, yet again, and made a lot of weapons more powerful and set the golden standard of how weapons should be. Now with S-Class moving along rapidly to the point where it can disable an attacker’s team on the first turn and or kill off one or two toons right off the bat is, just incredibly stupid to say mildly. (I ran a full team (Diego, Lily, James, Priya, Magna) each of them with gold stun resists to test out Mercer out and boy was it frustrating to see 2-3 toons each time get disabled and killed quickly before I even had a chance to attack)

From Choctaw to Forsyth to Gilmer, this has been quite the journey. I thank you all for being as wonderful and supportive as ever. After this war/year, it’s time to put the game away and face the music: this game just isn’t enjoyable anymore.

In game name: Apex Predator
Start: February 9th, 2017
Choctaw: Vendetta
Forsyth: Reapers -> Pistols of Hilltop
Gilmer: Damage Networks -> ???
End: 12/31/19


Good luck. My thoughts exactly


Best wishes and happy holidays, good luck to you as well


Its coming soon for lots of us I think.
Take care, glad you enjoyed the game while you could :blush:


Kind of arriving at this point too. I tell myself I’ll hang on till I have Pete… for “fun”. lol Ah, maybe I won’t.

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Pete is useless if you dont have good toons to go with him. My region already has a dozen of people with Mercer as their avatar… Fun times :roll_eyes:


These posts are always bittersweet to read. Sad that the game forces people out of it but happy to see people liberate themselves from a toxic relationship of sorts. Best of luck to you OP!!

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Im waiting to see how this next war in wave 1A pans out. If it plays out like I think it will then ill be joining you OP. The fun has been taken out of this game for a while now and it looks to be getting worse and worse fast.


You’ve ascended. Join the quitpillers.


Krista and Kapour, a few others.

Good luck bud🤗

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@F34RtheArcher Cui honorem honorem.
Hope you can make it.

Press uninstall to pay respect xD

See ya next year!

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Peace be with you! Thank you for playing and being loyal to a game that’s not loyal to its player base. You deserve better! I hope this game hasn’t ruined you on gaming. There’s a lot of great games out there that will respect you and appreciate you. Sorry to see you go, but like has been said glad your finally free! I may not be far behind. I’m trying to hold on for my faction and region. Ill hold out as long as I can. Good luck to you on your future ventures! Peace out! Screenshot_2018-12-27-17-26-48-1


Good for you. Nice to see someone holding on trying to make their region and faction better instead of jumping ship for something easier.

I used to be like that. Lol

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Yessir. I’m going to do all I can for both. Then ill worry abt my own wants. But as long as they need me, I’m here.

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