Resurrect rush aoe decapitator time

It’s time to grab some cash scopes, with all those time out teams out there we need a brand new decapitator(make him similar to existing toon in terms of design but it should be a new premier one) with aoe damage and revive rush


Sorry too many words, here’s a pin-pulled grenade instead.

Bun Jesus LEGACY aoe %900 damage to all decaps them on death (A man can dream)


Yes please. First toon with 2 special skills. Decap and disarm. He should have 5x multi attack to all. On the first hit he applies a -95% DEF Debuff. On the second 2k bleed, then 2k burn, then Impair for 4 turn and lastly Stun for 2 turns.

He should have 5k HP, 4k ATT and 3k DEF for stats.

The rush should require 20 AP, so you can command him turn 1.


He should be able to command himself with an active skill!


You forgot that he should be ascended from a legacy toon…


I was hoping this post was going to be about a character with a new specialist who when they kill character, it resets their AR… Was disappointed

Sounds good on paper, but if you go against a team without the revive, this idea shows it’s main flaw: how can a character use his AR when he is dead and there is no one to revive him?

Outlast is granted for two turns during rush

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How far this game has fallen

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