Resume The game on new phone?


I’ve got new phone and want to resume the game at the new device but if I download the game there it takes me through tourtorial etc. wtf man. How can I log into that existing account ?

I went through that just yesterday :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to finish the tutorial and then connect the new account with facebook. If you did that on your old device it will ask you if you want to use the old account.

If you didn’t connect it with FB then I dunno.

The easiest way, and the only way to do it yourself, is to link to Facebook. The instructions have already been provided. If you haven’t linked to Facebook but have access to your old device, fire up your old device, link to Facebook, then follow the instructions. If you can’t get on to your old device, contact Scopely support in game from the device you want your account transferred onto. They will ask a bunch of questions to establish that you’re the actual owner of the account and then transfer it over.

Going through this now, response times from them are horrible. I contacted them, took a day for them to get back, answered and replied within 20 mins of them contacting me, 2 days later still waiting for a response. I dont use fb but have made purchases and have ss of receipts and all that.

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