Results of previous wars

Now you can see only the outcome of the last war and only your faction. Switching to previous wars does not work. Returns to the last and does not move. We need information on all wars in our faction and other participants. Please fix this ERROR !


@GR.Scopely :wave:


This has been around for the last month or so, have you not been checking?

When war is live you will be able to view previous wars. Currently you can only view the current war as long as you are quick fingered to hit view before it blinks…

We do not want to see the results of previous wars DURING the next. Information is needed during PREPARATIONS for war, and not after. We want to have information about all potential opponents and calculate our strength.

I have a ton of info on factions, ask what you want and you will receive facts. Tell me what faction you’re in and I’ll tell you where you rank.

The fix for this will be in the next version 21.x, which will be in beta soon.


You talk some serious nonsense. :joy:

Had same problem they said gonna be fixed this month hopefully

How is that nonsense? I have info on a lot of factions on here and i can tell him where his faction ranks on my rankings. Nothing i say is nonsense unless you read it differently then how i write it.

Idk why people doubt you :man_shrugging:
you sound legit!
and thats a…

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That post is the reason i respect everything you say on here and why everyone else should to.

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The last war fought was the first world war

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