Results for Survival Road, Level Up....etc


Can’t we have a leaderboard option to see old events?
If you accidentally click off there gone for good…no looking back.

I’d like the option to see then even if they only stay around 2 weeks.


When they’re up you can can look 8(?) Events back.


But can’t something be setup where we can look when they’re not up? We can do it with war scores, why not this?


It’s good so you can see the stats of people and whether or not they are that active or not. Also gives a chance to look back to see how well you did yourself. I been wanting this added too!


Yeah. This would be great. I forgot to take screenshots this morning… usually send a note out to the faction with results of our top 3 players. Also don’t know who is on their last strike for inactivity now. Stupid morning brain! :tired_face::tired_face:


Hope this gets looked at one day.

Result history would be nice even if only kept for a month