Restore game progress


So I got a new phone over the weekend and I want to keep playing the game. I linked to facebook on both accounts and that didn’t change anything I went to that region and joined again thinking it would load it up but nothing. If anything i could do to restore my progres please


Uninstall it on your new device and reinstall it. When you link it with Facebook again, there should be an option that says “there is game progress on that account blah blah blah do you want to load it?” Select yes to load it.


Thanks for the hepl i have allready done this 3 times. i loged in with google acount and also no progress allthough i can view my achievments in goolge. Sorry for my english am not a fluent speaker


Hmmm… I’m not exactly sure how to solve your problem, maybe screenshots will help, maybe they won’t. I think you’re gonna have to contact customer support about that. If you have your old phone with the game data still on it, they could restore your account in no time.


My brother has it and allready he rebooted it. Maybe i didnt conect my facebook account propertly. Do you know how to disconect and conect again via facebook because the account linnked botton is unaveluabe now. I think i messed up the game! Bad smartphones!!! Thank you so mush for your presious time


I hope you found a resolution to your issue.


Do you happen to have the account code for the account you want to connect to? If so, contact support and give them the code. Thats the only way I’ve been able to fix a similar issue. Good luck!


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