Restarted Phone and lost Account


So o had to restart my phone and lost my Account! I’ve contacted scopley and showed my #1 Faction , my prestige, account #, and hundreds of dollars of receipts and bank shots of $$$ spent in NewBerry region since I started there in May! 4 days later No response! I’m getting a little ticked off!! I’m stuck a locked region and its pretty crappy I can’t get an answer in 4 days! I had to be removed from my Faction cause I can’t play!! After all my time and money invested I hope other players don’t encounter this too! I mean some help please would be nice!!! Thanks Scopley :slight_smile:


I’ve had to transfer my account without Facebook and this is exactly what you need to send them. It should be the same information needed to recover an account due to an error.

  1. The name of the account you are currently stuck in.
  2. The account code of the game you are currently stuck in you want removed.
  3. The name of your old account you want back.
  4. The account code of your main account you want to be put back into.
  5. Your main/active region
  6. Your main accounts player level.
  7. Screenshots of your last purchase receipt to prove it’s still with the same apple/android account.
  8. label all these things so they don’t get confused.



Thanks! I’ve sent everanything from accounts info to bank and Google screenshots. Took 4 days for another response asking for same stuff I’ve already sent after I emailed support myself and faction mates sent messages. Its flipping ridiculous!


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