Restart Survival Road?

If you are going to tweek Survival Road to Crazy hard,
Wouldn’t it be Fair to Reset all to lvl 1 so all have a chance?
Just a Survivor


Oh no! You just said a naughty word. In the future please refrain from saying the following on the forum. Thank you,

  • fair
  • balance
  • f2p
  • no spending
  • knitting <-- replace the kn with a qu
  • :us: <-- the word for what this is and finally
  • fun



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Pretty funny! Thanks.

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A full reset would be a great option. Even if people like the new SR. Start from the bottom and race up to 500

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I don’t mind the idea of a full SR reset but I know that won’t happen.
They could maybe tweek it so instead of the current 7 days without beating it and your progress gets set back a stage, they could change it to only a single day without progressing and it gets set back a stage.
That way we could drop stages a lot faster in order to get easier stages and be able to get these disgusting amounts of points needed. RN it takes forever.
Or just put the gear in the League Store too.

I see this idea going as far as our request to reset the scavenger camps to make the game more fair.

It also still needs something to keep interest in the medium to long term. A hundred more stages is nice, but even if you don’t complete it every single day that’s only four moths or so.

I’m more worried about how hard Sr tournaments gonna get, I usually do them while sleeping and just wake up to auto them, if they’re crazy hard I’m not even going to care anymore. I have never done daily Sr, never seen a reason and I don’t see for doing now

Yeah only a year and a half from now you will hit 500…

I’m not going to do it anyway, I’d rather they tone it TF down for tournaments, than daily, if daily takes more than 15 min on auto that’s my limit rather do something else

Oh I agree maybe 1% want to spend that much time on sr. They either have to make it easier, cut it in half or no more than 2 waves ever.

I’m 95 days from finishing (fingers crossed)

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