Restart in newer region-Roadmap & Museum events-End time-Cross region war match list

Please help me. If i restart in newer region, will all roadmap & museum events are restart from the beginning, too? I mean, the events for newer region are not same with the older regions, so, such as s-class pete, comics museum events, and others will be held from the first time, too? Then the newer region’s end time of events are longer than for the older regions. second, where i can see the cross region war match list of each region? So, i may know which one is the newer region. I asking these because i late-new player, so i lost (missed, skip over) many events, toons, and weapons (and its very hard for me to compete older players). I really-really thank you very much for the help (and sorry for my grammar). @GR.Scopely @LadyGeek & @ all readers.
(My region now: Cannon)

If you start a new game in another region everything will reset yes.

The aow regions are likely the newest regions.

I have already tested it in one month old region, but the roadmap and museum event end time is same with Cannon region (six month old region)…

Roadmaps and museum timers are the same in every region.

Eventhough for newer region?

Yes, every region is every region. :sweat_smile:

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