REST PERIOD CRW 01/03/20 Cancelled?

@GR.Scopely will you please clarify why CRW is not shown on the calendar when you’ve posted several times before it would be a CRW?

4 weeks without war is not appealing in the slightest in the already boring state of the game.


But war is also boring af 30 days just means logging in and then fucken off for the day


War is cancelled because they need ample time to nerf Mercer first :wink:

Classic. Run a war the weekend of Christmas when people have travel plans but not the weekend after New Years. Typical logic.

They screwed up last blitz so bad, maybe they are afraid to try again. Lol

MERCER HAHAHAH HE’S SH*** . if you put him in defense your f**** . In Attaque he’s only useful if you have dr. Stevens

I mentioned this a few days ago lol scopely doesn’t care, they didn’t even give us a heads up about the changes.

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Does @Slyest even war?



Thank you @Slyest for putting all the ss together

Im certain its just another mistake that it was forgotten from weekly events list.
We are sooooo having war.

…right @GR

Its really sad to hear that they cancelled war but its not suprised


This is the required training regiment for all new players of RTS.

No, no war is good, they saw how terrible pre Christmas war was they should avoid wars the immediate weekend around holidays

@Carl_Porter hush right now. :unamused:

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