Response to the time to upgrade Lee and Magna... including 'that article'

As many have pointed out it will take months or years to upgrade these toons based on the current cost in the SR depot. But you’re all forgetting - that’s simply not true, Spencer Tucker himself gave us a clue on how we can achieve this faster:

Audience: You’re effectively training them to keep going back.
Tucker: Refresh until you see what you want and buy the thing you want. Chasing the thing you want becomes chasing the refresh, and refreshing that box also gives you progress against some sort of milestone.
Audience: Is this all theoretical still?
Tucker: We’ll be building that. We haven’t built it yet.
Audience: Does the reset cost money?
Tucker: The reset will cost money, yes. That’s the key.

Looks like that’s no longer theoretical. As long as you pay and refresh then you can upgrade the toons more quickly, as you get freely trained by Scopely to be an obedient spender. Dog training schools cost fortunes, they are doing this training for you for free (obviously if you don’t count the money you are spending)!!!

In all seriousness though Scopely, you have ballsed up on 4 major points;

  1. Refreshing doesn’t help if we don’t actually have the SR tokens to spend due to increased difficulty and prices.

  2. Barely anybody will spend money on upgrading 6 star legacies now that you have released Sclass and continue to release them once every 2 weeks (despite promising not to). Shot yourself in the foot there.

  3. Many players are either on a zpending ztrike or have left, and as said above those who are still spending will not be spending to refresh content so that they can upgrade a 6star that is outclassed by almost all the 6star premiers released in the last 4 months, let alone Sclass.

  4. (Most importantly) The trust most players have towards Scopely is at the lowest ebb its ever been.

So your ‘training’ of us, like good little puppies, isn’t going to work. Should have had the left hand communicating with the right hand with this one.

I’ll give you kudos though - you’ve managed to condition most of your players into accepting hugely devalued prizes for the same effort produced. And considering how massively devalued they are, you have done an absolutely outstanding job there!


I already suck at this game and have no intention of spending money on it to suck slightly less - jokes on spence


You aren’t going to change anything, but fair play to you for wasting so much time writing these posts. I hope it makes you feel better.

fair play to you for wasting so much time trying to troll.


I’m not a troll. Just pointing out the obvious. I think people complaining about the same thing over and over again might be though. See above post.

Also, if Clifton is so annoyed, rather than giving Scopely more attention, why not go find a better game to play?


Seem to remember this making a big splash… not really a big waste of time when breaking down the link Kook shared, ended up helping make so many aware of what was happening and ended up with a large amount of players getting refunds/joining the strike/quitting the game.

Oh, sorry about your toe, didn’t mean for the Mic to land there.


Inb4 your vacation again :rofl:

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Haha, but I’m helping them by explaining where they have screwed up their plan of wanting to train us to chase the dragon. They should thank me :stuck_out_tongue:


They get upset easy and send in alt accounts like @Jojo29 to crusade for them.

Instead they should read the post and learn the difference between complaining and intelligent feedback. Everything you listed is true to the T. Maybe they should consider taking feedback for once :man_shrugging:


It’s just not worth it and for self respect reasons I’m not going to be spending


finding better game is good and all but putting out there makes go oh shit we been seen red handed,

Lots of games coming, lots of things like google stadia, xbox and playstation having their own streaming, google play pass is also great, heard apple is going to do something like that also. As well as the laws that are being passed and more being made, mobile games like this is are not going to last much longer tbh.


The time Clifton invested in breaking things down in the past was a big factor in helping me to quit the game. So, definitely not wasted from my perspective.


Imo, the issue isn’t the prices or the time it takes to get the toon. They are decent in scopelyverse.
I beat SR lvl 350something today and got 40k markers. That’s 1 months to get the toon and max it, which is fair.
Better complaint is that they are crappy toons.

10 days for a plat mod. Decent too. Same people crying about the price, only 1 week ago cried that these mods will kill the game. So it is ok that they are a bit slow to get.

The real issue is that most player won’t be able to get those 40k daily due to the difficulty. That should be the issue everyone should focus on and not the costs.

1 month of grinding is fine for a toon u want.


It’s all related and intertwined. And I think people are commenting on a range of issues, prices being one of them from reading main thread.

Remember Scopely “asked” for feedback to whether you feel the cost isn’t relative to you, it may be for different reasons relative to someone else and shouldn’t be passed of as complaining.

Also I think providing relevant feedback that could increase a companies revenue and use is not complaining, it’s feedback. Complaining seems to come with bad connotations which is u fair cos it’s constructive feedback and genuine concerns that needs to be addressed.


I appreciate you saying that :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah but you are not factoring in all the gear needed to then max the toon so it can become somewhat useful. 1 month to get the toon (only if you are level 400 SR and are able to complete it daily for a month it should be added), but then multiple months to upgrade.

The Scopely defenders always seem to conveniently forget this point.

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With this community, anything not related to that person is complaining, how dare people have different opinions, different lives, different wants and needs!

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40k/day is 1.2 mil a month. Enough to buy and max the toon.
So is the difficulty is tuned down, I don’t see an issue