RESOLVED Tapjoy Offer $49.99 "or above"

The previous post was shut but i finally got a response from Tapjoy…

No…i didnt pay the amount which is absolute false, i paid more.

So i contacted Google play and complained under defective app…explained how i was forced to pay more for something i did not recieve. I told them I have been defrauded and that this illegal. Then i demanded my refund…

Seconds later…Googles response…a full refund of $62.99 will be credited back to you.

If you are a victim…email them again and explain that it is fraudlent and illegal…also…tthe e coin offers are always smaller for us in Australia than in America…i know coz my faction screenshots their advantage so this whole currency exchange excuse is not valid. It was never the same and we should be given the correct info before buying something not advertised…

I hope this helps you guys and gals…!


I told tapjoy I was going to get a refund through Google and report them for false advertising and seconds later I was rewarded.
Was the smallest tapjoy offer I did.
I’m still waiting for the one I’m supposed to get 23k for.
So far 3 days since last response, tomorrow I think I will reach out to Google.

I told another guy the same thing, but you didn’t spend enough.
When it says “$49.99”, it means US dollars. Your $62.99AUD is only $43USD.

Its very misleading and you deserved your refund.

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Justice is served

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Where do I email?

Email your google play store where they process all your payments…

It is illegal to not clearly state a price in whatever currency, wherever you are in the world…it is dishonest and fraudulent

I have been turned in circles… Painful

you an Aussie :australia: ? me too !

I really stayed on them, countless back and forth emails. And contacting through twitter.
I have one more offer I’m waiting on for 16k.

How do u raise this, through their website or in game?

Shieeettt … recently i completed an offer for 20 coins by downloading a dodgy app and still haven’t received any…1/5 times i got any coins from tapjoy, and that one was of 6 coins :rofl::joy::skull:

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