Resist mods working too much

Just hit a Lydia 6 times with either taunt or stun. She resisted everything. Anyone else noticing the same?

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What’s the chances of her resist mods?

Does it matter? We have a hard enough time beating these chain revive shield teams even without resist mods. 6 attacks all resisted is ridiculous

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Doesn’t matter the chances, I’ve seen 20% go off each time.

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I don’t even rely on stun anymore because honestly I’ve seen mods at 20% resist 5 or more stuns in a row. I’ve used a 5 stun on attached squad and 2 shivas to test some of these and it’s now where even close to being reliable. I’ve watched bronze mods resist 5 of 5 stuns in one round

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It still does matter. I’ve come across a lot of players with 50%+ mods, so predictably, they work quite often.


It doesn’t matter when they work nearly 100% of the time

I will refer back to my previous statement.

Looks like the mods are working then.


I’ve seen 2% bronze resists block 3 in a row. Plus, you have to deal with defenders getting bonus ap every attack. Also, the proc rate for wep specials is higher for defenders.


This is the worst part imo and leads to the most frustration. Especially if they also get ap on taking damage. You can barely hit a toon and they’ll go off turn two sometimes

Should have tried confuse!! But seriously, stun is useless. Almost everyone puts stun resist. That’s why it’s brtter to bring confuse and taunt, even though u mentioned this one had taunt. It’s not as common.

RNG is still RNG no matter the percentage. … but I’m sure you will argue that too. :joy::joy::joy:

It’s true… but if someone is having the resist mods proc more often than not, the proc rate still matters. A 50% proc rate mod is more likely to occur 6 times in a row than a 10% proc rate mod.

Green beats Red Just remember.

Sounds like you just got unlucky. On a 50% resist mod, there is a 1 in 64 chance it’ll go off 6 times in a row. Low odds but definitely not impossible.

just look at abs def. it never procs for the attacker, but for the defender like most of the time. same with mods.

Weapons don’t give a percentage of success. Mods do and they clearly are no where even close to being accurate. Any chance u could bring this up @JB.Scopely

Better chance is 35% for weapons.

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That’s obviously wrong on defense also lol