Resetting weapons

5* weapons on way

We already had a similar topic this morning… they’ve had that for a while now buddy

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This is like the 5th time this week someone has made a topic on exactly this can y’all learn to use the search button plz


What the rapper said.


Watch them end up releasing them now

Scopes will probably release them just to spite me after I complained about the 40 pull having 39, 4* and 1 6* to prove me wrong about having faith in this game :man_shrugging:

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You should be happy.
I’ve seen people do 40’s and not pull any legends.

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I remember back when ppl did 40s and got 40 3*s now that sucked


Ah yes, “You should be happy to pull a legend.” If you had read on my thread last time, I specifically said why I wasn’t happy but I’ll say it again. I mean it is what it is, I’ll take it. Happy I won’t be, but I’ll be eh which is a good summary of the game.

  1. It was Green Aaron (I grinded my butt off for Green Abe already) so the leadership skill is useless, his AR is okay but I don’t have the means to level up it up
  2. Green is the most heavy in my roster = low gear since the majority of us are bottlenecked on gear especially legendary gear
  3. It is a bit degrading when you see your factionmates pull 2+ legendaries from 40s frequently, while I had to get my coins through free offers and saving up from leagues. So I won’t be able to pull for a long time again
  4. It was during the time of double the chances which means 2% to receive a legendary, 2% for an ascendable, and possibly 10%? on a 5* (Don’t quote me on that) which means despite the odds I still got crappy luck while others can do better with the same pulls? (That’s still a pile of poop if ya ask me lol)

And by no means do I mean any offense in what I say, I’m just stating it from my point of view. I can see that this game does favor some players over others when it comes to pulls.

I understand what you mean.

You better start paying better attention buddy before you get F’ed by a Scopely “scam” offer, or by anything else.

People can be so ignorant and embarrassing.

im sure the next thread will be about engine grease…


Yeah to me a couple times :unamused:
Dark days…

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I feel ur pain.

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