Resetting Toons


I have characters that I’ve had for a very long time that I’ve leveled up without leveling rushes. Or every character I have is maxed and I can’t help my faction in level up. I’d like to be able to reset a character back to zero state




I’ve often wished I could unascend someone after I figured out how utterly useless they are, looking at you yellow negan. It will never happen though the resources you put in to the toons have a monetary value to Scopely and returning them for free is the last thing they would ever do.


They could offer a “scroll” to reset back to tier 1 level 1, and another to unascend. They could attach to the scroll stating you will only receive the character deleveled or deascended, no other “ingredients”. By using the scroll you agree.
This would generate more money for Scopely.


I guess kind of that’s what I was thinking that it would be wasted resources but only to benefit scopely


You mean you want more points available for level up tournaments cause you always come in 2nd and dont get as many toons as first


I dont come anywhere new 2nd, but thank you, lol. People been asking for a reset on their toons, so this is the idea I came up with. You get to reset your toons at a cost. Scopely makes money. You get what you pay for, and everyone is happy. There would be no way they would give all resources back, so this potentially could be the only way to get it.


@foreyez he’s always 2nd/3rd in fac events


No h8 tho lol