Resetting Milestones ?!


Yeah, how about that ? After you hit the 100k in war the milestones reset. This way you could get some extra gear and benedicts. Some people just stop at 100k because they are “busy” etc. and the others have to go the extra mile of 300k,400k… to stand a chance. And who wouldn’t go for at least 2 Benes ? More cans would sell, Scopes.


Why not just make a 200k, 300k, 400k milestone?


xD Yes. :sweat_smile: or that.


My thoughts exactly. If we got a 2 million milestone in lvl up, which was achieved by a handful of people, why not go back to the “almost impossible” milestones and some in between? I mean 250k or 300k isn’t that hard and makes it more fun to those loving (or even living :wink: ) the war. @Kalishane anything that can still be done?


Exactly. Milestones for Raids where also upped. So why not for War ?! Seems to be pretty easy to do for you guys.