Resetting characters

Reset our characters? Their AR SKILL, ACTIVE SKILL and even level?

If we can do it with weapons, we should be able to do it with characters. Can this happen?

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Will never happen because people can keep getting level up points from resetting and re-levelling.

Also weapon upgrades are random but character upgrades are fixed so there should be no need to reset them.

I’d rather they introduced the ability to reset mods to be honest.

What’s wrong with that? We’d still have to use our resources… it may actually be incentive to make this happen.

If not their levels, atleast their active and ar

Should have a trainer that can take away a point from ar or as. For example, i made the mistake of leveling my ajax as and it makes him a lot worse, would love to reset it but i want to keep his rush, so something like an anti lilth and anti ulysess. Tho these would be monitized and should never replace lilths or ulysess in rewards.


Mods are determined their levels before you even start to level them

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THIS :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

Who is talking about mods?

No but I think being able to demote characters is a good move. What I mean by this is add and take away veteran rings of toons

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I don’t think peeps have a shortage of Lu fodder nowadays

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Why would you want or need this?

You only reset weapons if your crafting was a bust. AR and active skills can only go up one per trainer.

I’m confused why you’d need to reverse this.

I upgraded Mercer S active skills, and now I’ve the feeling I did biggest mistake ever for him…
now he uses it 1st turn, while it could charge rush instead… sounds to me it makes him lot lot less effective

Several toons use their active when they should do other actions, just take a look at Zander, at turn 2 instead of command he uses his active, and same for Christa and James, they use their active whenever they can, making them less useful on defense and on auto-attack

They are going to do that whether you level up their ars or actives though?

They will, there’s no way to control it whatsoever

So there’s no point resetting your toons then. We’re in agreement. Awesome.

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