Reset World Map

Could we have a way to reset World stages to play through the story again? I’m that bored.

And no I won’t put the energy in required to do so in a different region.



I second this motion or at least open the “Coming Soon” part. What’s it been over a year now we’ve been seeing that sign.

yep or add a “hard mode” replay story with better rewards / drops


I just want to make new/right choices

Like sending Darius to difuse the bomb. He died still but at least I have confort thinking that he was injuried and alive. Not with a bullet in the forehead.

Or maybe Scopely could revamp the story. I mean, make It more cannon with the comics (Lily alive, Benjamin alive) and put on some characters on the right place. Like Jeremiah in the stages that he attacks.

Oh. Garret, for example, could start with 2* then later red Shield. C’mon guys! It could be awesome! And Canon!

Scopely wont like giving you 6 free 3* weapons for doing the entire story map again :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Maybe they’ll let us reset the map for 8000 coins

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Just imagine… All sorts of Sandy helping. Hard mode with more challenging and tough enemies.

Story mode was one of the best things in this game. When I finished, I made an account in other region Just to pick other options.

I know the multiplayer is more for everyone. But the single is so cool!

It’d be super cool, copely would never do it unless they could make at least 100 from everyone who wants to play it though.

I can’t even recall what was happening in the story. The recaps provide a little but but not enough to care about the story.

Would be cool with large difficulty spike and some drop advantage.

I’d just like to see how they play out differently. I would run it a bunch of times and try to see what it impacted. Admittedly it wouldn’t be much but still entertaining.

I brought this up a while back. It would certainly reinvigorate the world map for me.

Indeed. I would settle for a plain reset. Wouldn’t even need those bonuses. They won’t really change much anyways