Reset weapon slot

Please, Let’s can choose to reset weapon just 1 slot instead of the whole slot of it , maybe the cost is coin or specific material, it’s very frustrated when you try to make a perfect weapon and then it turn out that one slot is not crit. Actually we can post our annoying weapons hereCapture


I second this motion. You like money come up with a way to make some while making the players happy.


This needs to happen!!!

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Story of my life



second the idea, but not so easy; Maybe with a chance to destroy the weapon forever … Muajjajauajajaja

I feel your pain bro… :sweat_smile:

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I agree its very frustrating when it doesn’t crit after you have got what you want on the special stat. If there was this option after a while most player’s would have perfect weapons and then we will be hunting what can we do next to get a leg up on the competition with our weapons. I kinda like how it is now because it keeps things interesting and when you do craft the perfect weapon it makes it just that more awesome.

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This is and has alway been part of the game, this is what separates players. As soon as you introduce money or coins there is no point in even having the crit territories anymore cuz top factions and people with youtube sponsorships will just pay to get perfect weapons… imagine what VK could do with this acess

This game is and will always be p2w. No point in denying that.

Cheaters are gonna cheat. Scopely needs to catch them and ban them.

Whales are gonna buy everything that gives them an edge.

F2P are gonna grind and grind and then grind some more.

Earl hates everyone so we’re all in the same boat there.



I second this also!

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or they could just let everyone have max mods on the first go instead of random Jibiligoo

It is pay to win because of what player believe

Because Scopely earn more from ads and investors than whales

So spending ain’t necessary

This shit still breaks my heart :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

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