Reset Ar/As, money maker for Scopely

Make it possible to reset a maxed toon at t4:1 with ar and as at zero, please


Make it happen.

Yes. I want more level up points.


This has to be the stranger input I ever came across!

(Hard earned) Lilith be mad :slight_smile:


I’d prefer a more difficult change. I would like to see the ability to adjust an AR or AS to whatever unlocked level you’ve already achieved. You may want a full AS on offense but come time to be set up on defense it would be nice to dial it down and lock it at a different previously achieved level and be able to change this as desired in the team creation screen.

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Its needed. Remove active from shields for instance. Or mercer’s useless active popping turn 2 etc.

It would be even better to be able to make some defense’s strategies. For exemple :

  • active/desactive ar/as, or use them in certain case only (i think about rick guardian or sandy ligue as, which are used at wrong times) ;
  • tell a command to use his command in priority if an ar is possible ;
  • choose the order of attack (to make disarm strike first), and if they attack one target or all ;

Here some exemples, but there are more to make defense better.

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