Research on crit chance percentage per crit points

Hey there. With the expansion of 15atk 35crit mods on weapons, we have had a lot of questions lately on our faction as to what crit value should I get to guarantee or get a good chance at crit hits for triggering effects.

Since the formula is unknown outside scopely devs (and has something to do with logarithm, clearly), I have been testing and recording crit hits 200 times for different crit chance values.

Below are my results. Not 100% accurate of course, it gives a good idea of what you can get out of your crit chance mods and weapons.




The only thing I will point out is that every toon has a base crit value of 10 built in

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Hi. I think formula is:
100-(10%+mod (like 67.5%))=22.5 - chance of unluck, then with weapon 15/35:
22.5*0.65*0.65*0.65=5.7% chance of unluck. So close to your formula (182.5 crit points - 94.3 crit chane).

Is it sad that I find this utterly beautiful?

Thank you!

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