Rescue Roadmap no rewards

Like a lot of us here, my roster is full frequently. The rescue Roadmap, however, gives guaranteed toons as rewards for clearing it, and you get the stage clear ones if your roster is full or not. At least, you’re supposed to.

I cleared both difficulties yesterday, and when I went to my roster, got no toons for it. I checked back on the map, both sides show all rewards claimed and replay option.

So I contact support. The response I get was garbage, typical of any issues I report lately.

"Thank you for letting us know. I understand that you are looking for your trainers after completing the Rescue Roadmap. I checked our records and I didn’t see any records that you completed the Roadmap. I can assure you that there is no discrepancy on your account.

If there’s anything else we can help you with, let us know.

Scopely Support Team"

Umm, if it’s cleared and your records don’t show that, and I got no rewards, how is that not the definition of a discrepancy? Ok, fine, keep sending out garbage like this rather than doing your job, fixing bugs, and helping your players. Because WHEN we get fed up and quit, you guys will be looking for a new job to do nothing at.

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