Request to scopely

Scopely , do you really think it is normal that since 9 month i play to this game i have never dropped an ascendable on prestige wheel? prestige tokens aren’t made to reward our fidelity and activity on this game? in 9 month i opened three times this wheel and get only 4 stars! i think you should remove 4 stars from this wheel because it is a shame to reward my months of connection with 4 stars… really. (excuse me i am french and i don’t speak very well in english).


Sorry bud there not really Prestige toons either, opened a ton of these over the years, there not very good I’m afraid🤗

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We feel your pain and anger.
You are not alone.

I got ascendable rick from this wheel recently

Are non-ascendable 5* > Benedict?

A Benedict is much better than a 5*. Benedicts are used to level up toons during level up tournaments. 5* are only used to ascend other 5*. If you wanted, you could even use a Benedict for that (but it would be really stupid, obviously :wink: )

Dont remember last time I opened mine. Prestige should mean something, but here it means a useless 4 star


if you have over 100 bennys it aint stupid but smart. you dont want to use 5* as fodder that you can use during lvl up.

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