Request to Scopely: Better access to legendary medals


I’m thinking more in terms of seeing legendary medals as roadmap stage rewards. Ascendance medals are much available and the amount I use to ascend a 5⭐, I usually get back in about a week or two, whereas it takes significantly longer to get the legendary medals. I’m not saying we need 30 or 20. A simple 5 or 10 is enough considering the all the roadmaps we see that includes ascendance medals. It may not sit well with some but running an occasional roadmap similar to the Davie roadmap would be cool if the completion reward is the same 50 medals that was given. A roadmap ran weekly where a strong team is needed to complete and a reward worth the effort. Or alternatively, a 500 coin crate with one set being 50 legendary medals and another set being anything else.



Beautiful, would buy that offer right away! Also, never gonna happen. :frowning:


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