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I have tried before to get some response from a company representative. I have some requests which I can guarantee will be mirrored my the majority of the player base.

These are things which I hope you will be able to take to the appropriate people and perhaps give some feedback on my requests.

Please respond so I can go through these requests in more detail.

lmao :-))))

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Aww…how cute. This guy actually thinks that Scopely cares about what their customers have to say.


I just could not be more uninterested in the game right now. I don’t claim to have the solution to all the games problems but there are certainly some quick fixes which they could implement with very little work which would help enormously.

Prestige 14!
Been spending without prestige reward for almost a year now.

Raise payer level cap!
Been staring at 125 for ages now.

Bring out some decent defensive characters…
Even the best teams are so easily beaten now.
I have one team for melee, one for ranged and one that takes a little longer but autos pretty much all teams. Ive even been successfuly raiding with only 3 characters for a bit of a challenge.

Dont try and reinvent the wheel. Sr, level up, raid and war are all feeling so stale because of the prizes… nobody gives a shi… nobody really cares if they win or lose. It’s a difference of an extra 1000 5* tokens (which are now the equivalent of 4* tokens from the 5* era)

The game needs a massive increase to the ammount of 6*s in the game. People have already paid thousands for the epics in their rosta… I myself could go out and buy a German car outright for the money spent with this game.
(Please don’t tell my wife) you should be ascending a lagacy character every 2 weeks as a war reward. This will diversify rostas so we don’t constanly fight the same teams. It will fix the problem of war rewards and get people excited in the game again.

Please fix your game. Listen to your customers.

@kalishane @kalishane @kalishane
I’m not expecting answers from you., just an acknowledgement that you have heard me and that you will put this under the nose of someone that might listen.

@kalishane Please help fix a game we are all heavily invested in and used to enjoy.


these are really innovative ideas and im sure scopley would jump on them immediately if they knew about them

oh, wait…

There is nothing to do in the game now… and was sick of reading about Lori bugs so thought I’d try and get through to them… I know it’s a waste of time but with the game in pieces I have time to waste.

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@kalishane Please respond

It took them how long to raise lvl cap to 125? Lol they don’t care about solutions otherwise the game would be improving.

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@kalishane any response appreciated

You won’t get any response, trust me I’ve tried lol.

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Many had came before you many got banned as well or just gave up

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