Request: Please list those 5*s that will never be ascendable


As in the title, I would like to request a list about those 5* toons which will NEVER be ascendable at any time in the future and we can feed to our 6*s without worrying to making a mistake.

There was already a short list about what old toons should we keep, because they will be ascendable in early 2018. Would be really helpful to have an opposite type of list too, about the toons we can sacrifice safely.


Doubt they have any insight about this. Even they don’t know this I bet.


I’m sure they don’t have a full list about that, but maybe they know a few already that they not planning to make ascendable ever. Every little information would help.


All 5* are going to be ascendable in the future.


Thanks for your input, but so far it’s just an assumption.
I would like to hear the response of Scopely about that. I can make guesses for myself too :slight_smile:

As far as I know, they never said they planning to make all toons ascendable.


Except they did say that. You can question how solid their word is, but that’s what they did say at the end of the day.


They did ‘say’ that all toons will eventually be ascendable, but saying & doing are very different things for Scopely. I think Kali said it takes approximately 6 weeks to make one 6*.

They’re currently releasing about 4 new premier recruits for every old toon they make ascendable, so roughly speaking it’s taking them 30 weeks to make one old toon ascendable, almost two per year.

Wouldn’t get your hopes up.




whats a future? you mean year 3000


Unfortunately, at this current rate of release, the game won’t last long enough for their claim to come to fruition.


Much worse and less funded games have lasted longer, plus, people said the game would end like 1 year ago… It’s still going.


We gonna have 7* before all 5* are ascenable.


theres are several 5* that i would like to use as fodder but i dont use them at the moment cuz deep inside my heart i hope they goona be amazing 6* tanks, revives (yeah right) but at least usable 6* like Bonnie, pete, blue darius, green rosita, oberson, red clem, annie, donny, red gregory, firs war nega, etc.

and a list of toons that will never going to see the light of 6* would be amazing


Leave prestige Michonne out of this!