Request for different matching for cross region war


I am sure my region and the ones I see each crw isn’t the only ones but I figure let me simple ask for a complete new line up of regions this cross region war. MORGAN region has had back to back with WHITE region, CLEBURNE region, and before that was back to back COOSA region but we stopped seeing them. Give us TROUP, RICHMOND, WARE or and any other region besides the same people its getting too much like regular war and I would love to fight each region just for fun idc about the prizes just please accept my request @kalishane @TheWalkerDude


Speaking for Dougherty (not that I actually have the power to do that or anything) but we would LOVE White region this CRW!


As a Crenshaw region member I humbly request to have Dade and Autauga again for this upcoming CRW.


We had 3 wars agasint white and I would love nothing more then to really beat war pigs if idiots of my region top faction called frontline assembly wasn’t being scared or worried about cattering to their freeloaders feet so my faction can ban together and really go at it with war pigs. But that said my region too dead and I would love to just have different matching each war and not a instant deciding factor as soon as I see white region again. @Dreaddie p.s ss this fkers!


Is that because you kicked our a$$ (Dade) last time?




Always the same 4 regions, because it works. That’s soooo boring. Just randomize it.


Apart from one region twice, all ours have involved different regions, I love the fact we match with different people each time.

Would certainly be stale to match the same regions over and over again


Will be fun to watch if it happens. Gave up waiting for this matchup after 4 months of Same regions. But Hope of Dougherty matchup kept me and scar around months longer than planned, but scopely would not give it to us.

Regardless will be chearing for my team from the side :slight_smile:


Lanier region drew the same factions 2 out of 3 crw as well it becomes boring and redundant.


But it was still better than the first crw with an entire troll region in Hall and Zumba Corps.


Yeah, in Schley we’ve gotten the same couple of regions frequently, especially Rockdale. I guess there’s nothing wrong with it, they’re cool people for the most part, but it kind of kills the variety that CRW adds into the game. Also as a closed and dying region Schley tends to not coin as much (especially my faction) and we only have three active and competitive factions. If we’re gonna get steamrolled every week, I wanna get steamrolled by new faces!


Dallas had quitman/dale twice. Worth twice tatnall 2 times, as of last crw Webster is now in with 2 times only new region last time was Seminole. :confused:


White, Morgan, & Cleburne region’s have had 3 or 4 crw’s straight in a row with each other. Then you add Coosa to that, Cleburne gas had them 4 or 5 times in CRW. This is counting when they first tested it in all region’s.


People don’t usually request Troup for a CWR match. Careful what you wish for ^^


Cross war region?


LOL I know troup is strong but idc I like a challenge even if we get mashed I just want to different regions each crw except matching with brand new regions. Hell ill even take the insanely Korean and Japanese regions where they know no limit in their coining and paid for weapons and teams.


Wouldn’t mind troup ourselves always fun in competition


Haha I know man. I would be choked matching the same fractions over and over. Zzzzz


Forgive me, I’m Canadian :wink: