Reputation suggestions

Don’t we think reputation should mean something other than bragging rights, any suggestions

Make the depot be based on reputation and not prestige.


The depot is based on rep. The ones on the left anyways.

Rep is always a thing to get into factions.

Reputation is an antiquated system that meant “something” when the game first started and raiding was the only thing you could do besides World Map and Road Map. Like literally, Raid was the only tournament/event, so climbing the top of the ladder felt like an accomplishment. But like all other things, it was just left unchanged as new things kept getting added.


I mean by definition it is bragging rights or having no life depending on one’s view.

I don’t give a damn 'bout my bad reputation!


Eg, many of wanderers most recent posts make it sound like he is under the employ of Scopely.


I was offered real life money or 2x conversion rate to twdrts digital currency. Clearly like any sensible person I selected the digital currency. Can’t wait til this crypto-currency finally takes off, I’m gonna be a billionaire!


Thanks for giving us a description.Because we totally didn’t what reputation meant

Whats rep?

Your welcome. Clearly there was confusion, as the OP was surprised that reputation points were just for bragging. But by the definition, it accurately reflects the function.

Since you are clearly new to googling, here a quick overview.

So there is this website called Google. I can’t quite remember the address to it, but im sure if you ask around someone will know.

This site allows you to search something called the internet. Honestly I know little about the internet, only that AL Gore invented it before he invented global warming.

Anyways, using this website is often referred to as ‘Googling’ or some say they ‘Googled it’. The way it works is you put a few terms in the search bar (easily identifiable… It’s the only bar on the page). And then you press search and it comes back with a showing of things it finds matching your search terms.

In my case I typed ‘reputation’ into the search bar and the search came back with definitions, synonyms, are other uses of this word.

I hope this helps.

Your Friendly Wanderer


Something that has absolute value to the game. Just like the shop with energy drinks in it. Or sandpaper.

Here’s a index match. It’s most likely one of these.

Acronym Definition
REP Representative
REP Reply
REP Repair
REP Repeat
REP Reputation
REP Registered Education Provider
REP Republican
REP Retail Electric Provider
REP Repetition
REP Real Estate Professional
REP Republicans for Environmental Protection
REP Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
REP Republikaner (German Conservative Party)
REP Real Estate Photographer
REP Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (law)
REP Rural Education Program (various locations)
REP Real Estate Partnership
REP Re-Entry Permit (immigration)
REP Rural Electrification Programme (various locations)
REP Rab Escort Protein
REP Race Equality Policy (various organizations)
REP Reynolds Number
REP Renewable Energy Project (Nepal)
REP Replace Command
REP Reply File
REP Regional Exchange Point
REP Report File
REP Residential Exchange Program (utility law)
REP Radiological Emergency Preparedness
REP Registered Environmental Professional
REP Resistive Exercise Products
REP Rehabilitation Engineering Program (various organizations)
REP Re-Employment Program (Toronto, Canada)
REP Repose en Paix (French: Rest in Peace; band)
REP Real Estate Publisher
REP Regional Evacuation Plan (US FEMA)
REP Roentgen Equivalent Physical
REP Requirements Engineering Process
REP Research Ethics Program (various schools)
REP Recreation Engineering and Planning (Boulder, CO)
REP Retail Energy Provider
REP Researcher Exchange Programme
REP Reconnaissance de l’Expérience Professionnelle (French: Recognition of Professional Experience)
REP Raleigh Ensemble Players (Raleigh, NC)
REP Régiment Etranger Parachutiste (French: Parachute Infantry Regiment)
REP Release Reuse Equivalency Principle
REP Reserve Enlistment Program
REP Re-Entry Partnership (various locations)
REP Réseau Ecologique Paneuropéen (French: Pan-European Ecological Network)
REP Radioisotope Electric Propulsion
REP Recognised Environmental Picture (British Royal Navy tool)
REP Relativistic Electron Precipitation
REP Radio Emergency Patrol (NYPD)
REP Relativistic Effective Potential
REP Read-Evaluate-Print
REP Represent/Represented
REP Reasonable Efforts Program
REP Resonance Escape Probability
REP Range Error Probable
REP Realtek Echo Protocol
REP Regional Equalisation Plan (Australia)
REP Regional Evacuation Point
REP Residue Elimination Project
REP Residue Elimination Program
REP Réaction Extra-Pyramidale
REP Rating to Economic Performance (HSBC stock valuation tool)
REP Radio-Electronic Protection
REP Reinsurance Earned Premiums
REP Refined Engineering Prototype

Well that narrows things down a bit


I have Bing?Is that the same thing?

Pretty sure when you use that it takes $1 from a charity and delivers it into Bill Gates pocket.

No Bing is like Google’s inbred cousin. Kinda works but not really


Ehh,It keeps the population from skyrocketing too much

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Is this a whoosh applicable post?

This is why we cant have nice things…