Reputation lost during transfer


Hello @JB.Scopely and and hopefully other dev.
Three members of my faction lost their raid reputation after transfering on the night when it all went to hell.
We have absolutely no information, nor acknowledgement of the problem from you. In game support does absolutely nothing.
So how is it going to get resolve? Doesn’t look very hard to get us at least to our reputation we had last week. We all have screenshot of it because we thought something was going to happen… Please do something.
Allez Jean-Baptiste, aide-nous mon ami :kissing_heart:

Transfers issues
Transfers issues

Rep is one of the things that doesn’t transfer over. That’s what the game tells you before you finish transferring…


My rep transferred over just fine. Now it will affect your raids rank, but should still be the same rep


Pretty sure that’s not true. At all. But there has been an issue where rep isn’t immediately transferring.

My region would be full of people with 0 rep of that were true, not me being bumped back a few spots in the standings


Rep transfers over and as useless as it is I find it total bs that someone playing the game for a year longer than that region they are transferring to has been open they get to keep it.

The op has been bitten by one of the billions of bugs in the game.


@Lotus has also faced the same issue, doesn’t just affect rep and leaderboard but the ability to buy things from the supply depot - 0 rep = locked slots


That could be said of all the prizes you were able to get as well so that’s stupid.
Yeah rep doesn’t amount to much, it’s just some thing you do and keep track off if you want. It’s still something I got up by playing the game for more than 2 years and I’d like to get it back. It is a bug on their part so they have to acknowledge it and fix it (yeah I’m an crazy optimist)


My point stands. Just because you decided to move into a new region and take over the leaderboard doesn’t make it right. Someone who has been playing longer than an entire region should not get to swoop in and take over the leaderboard. It’s cheap, it undermines the work of an entire region prior to transfers, and no matter how you try to justify it is total bs. Good news for you is that the big s is never about doing what’s fair or just so I’m sure they will take care of the bug soon enough.


Should be easy to take in the 25 rep wins.


You can have all my rep, I wish mine was zero


With the rep glitch i’m not gaining any rep from raiding so ive done 2 raid tourneys with no increase in rep. I cant access slots in my depot either. Its not even a debate over if having high rep in another region is fair or not. This affects my game play as i dont spend anymore so i need to be able to buy fills in my depot. Its unfair for anybody to blow this off as an acceptable glitch that people should just live with.


Some people have worked hard for the reputation what they currently have…It would seem unfair to be taken away just like that.

Hard work (you get 6 reps for winning and 25 for losing…)


I hope mine doesn’t so I can play tricks on me pals :slight_smile:


How does it undermine the work of the region? This person earned that rep, just because it was earned in a different region doesn’t matter, the process for earning rep is the same across all regions. Sorry you’re not the top dog in your region anymore, someone with more rep joined who has more experience and it’s reflected in their rep, they’re placed appropriately.


I didn’t realize that it was not allowing you to earn new rep. That is an important bug then. Many missions require you to get so much rep to complete them. And depot slots. So yeah hit support hard. Go to Discord and tag JB directly or pm him here.


@JB.Scopely seems like everyone has given up on the forums including you


@JB.Scopely it has been a week since ive transferred and this has still not been fixed despite my daily messages to support. Where are yall on getting this fixed?


Still not fixed…


This is still not fixed and support continues to give me nonanswers and close my tickets. Its unacceptable to show such little concern for fixing major issues for the players who have lost rep or been locked out after transferring.


same… :unamused: