Reputation is zero after transfer


Good afternoon, I migrated from the Early region to Marshall, but when migrating my reputation, I have 23,555 victories in the account, please solve it before the mimimi starts, follow the image of the bug. Screenshot_1 ![Screenshot_2|317x283]
Player Name / Prei boy do bone
Faction Name / Braw Alliance
Region Name/ Marshall


Huh people still care about rep?


I’m sure there will be people moving to a region just for that alone.

Rep should reset when you change regions. Not a smart decision to let people who have been playing for a year or longer hop into a region and instantly take over the leaderboard. Worthless or not.


That’s exactly what happened in my region, the new comers took over the top spots. But it is seen as more of a challenge now to try and take it back, nothing salty that I know of. Agree a bit though, kinda rough for those who do care and worked to get to number 1 to see it go away like that.


Would screw with raid pairings and Tourney trophies tho. Can u imagine being a new player trying to find a fair match? Lol


It should reset even though I don’t really care about rep… my region went from 1st @45k rep to 1st @ 128k. It should reset as a challenge to those moving, not those who have been there forever


To play devil’s advocate, how fair is it to the person who worked so hard on their rep to be top in their region but since their region is dying they moved out and now would have their rep mean nothing or being told that the new region’s #1 deserves to be #1 because he didn’t change regions.


yep, that’s why for me personally it isn’t an issue. that person worked hard too. I have not been following how the region transfers were decided, so i can only hope that they were trying to limit it to relatively equal age regions. that would be rough to have someone with 98k rep dominate a newer region just by moving there.


No, it wouldn’t as far as I am aware matchups are based on your best possible team strength, not your current ranking or your current rep.

All that is happening now is people from the beginning who have had way more time to ammas rep are moving into 1 1/2 and 2-year regions and instantly taking the top spots on the leaderboard. And while rep is meaningless this is still cheap and a typical oversite from scopely. Rep should reset to zero if you choose to leave your region. It doesn’t so overall it’s just my opinion and one that will have no bearing on the game.


It stinks that their region is dying but they are the ones making the decision to leave. There have been plenty of regions doing a tremendous job in recruiting. Perhaps the dying regions should be making that kind of effort to bring more players into it as well if they have not been doing so.

A region that is a year or two younger did not have the same amount of time to generate rep. It’s not fair that a 3-year-old player can jump into a two-year-old region and take the top spot on the leaderboard. How is this fair for the hundreds of players in that region? Sorry, that’s just the way I see it. Good news is that isn’t what scopely decided to do so my opinion does not matter.


I’d just be more worried that the lack of rep means some internals to my account did not transfer properly. If rep is missing, what else is?

I’m making a rapid climb up my raid leaderboard doing nothing as those above me leave. It’s awesome :rofl:


I had a decently long reply but I dont feel it really matters or changes anything. Rep is a poor way for this game to judge anything. I feel overall rep should stay somewhere in your profile as a background stat but each year your rep and standing resets. Puts everyone on the same playing field each year and for those that care about rep they can fight for something each year. Or do resets monthly, give out prizes for top rep in a region each month, then at least raiding has some value.


Yeah, it definitely needs a purpose but let’s pretend they do decide to start giving out rewards to the top 10. How is this fair now? They are allowing longer time players to take over younger regions leaderboards.

The funny thing is that every player who says rep is meaningless would immediately start amassing it the second it became valuable.

As of right now, rep is, in fact, useless but even still it should not have been allowed to carry over. My opinion.


The rep system needs to change, the current system is not right. Rep should be awarded based on the team strength of your opponent compared to yours, not who has more rep since rep is meaningless.


Rep means nothing so why worry? As they are going to bring a new rep/pvp system in the near future like all features of this game they will replace it with this so chill it deffo doesn’t matter.


I don’t think it matters to this person whether or not rep is worthless or not, imagine building up rep through maybe 1-2 years or something and then it just vanishes.


I am having this issue as well after transferring today. I have a screen shot of my account rep and have put in a ticket with support. @JB.Scopely are they working on this issue?


Same issue also when i raid in the tourny no rep gets added. I stay on 0.
Can you give us some feedback on this @JB.Scopely i already entered a ticket to support but havent had any reply yet.

Thank you


I’m having that issue as well. Ive almost hit final milestone in raid but my rep is still zero.


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